Saturday, 9 June 2012

Let's Play Dress Up!

little n says....

This last week Daddy and I have been searching for the right things for me to wear for him. We, or rather I, have found this task more difficult than I had previously imagined. There's little girls stuff everywhere right?...Not so!

The Death of Childhood

This is a topic i've actually studied at degree level, but I won't bore you with the details! As i've said in my blog already im in my 20s...ok so I admit it I am a child of the 90s! When I was growing up my mother had me clad in some very girly dresses, even at school I wore those little pleated school skirts and good o' black leather school shoes!(veganism hadn't been invented yet lol) I dont know why I was dressed like that because in the 90s no other kids were! My clothing, even then, seemed to hark back to another area. Perhaps a simplier time when little girls just had to be little girls and not worry about attracting boys. Make up and heels were for dressing up with and laughing about, not for going out in! Amoungst my class mates I was already amoungst the minority by not wearing trousers to school, and as I got older and went to 'big school', I too became one of the trouser wearing majourity, but isnt it sad?

If you walk into any shop these days into the children's section (i'm sure this is true in the USA too) what always strikes me is that it's not always immediately apparent that you have stumbled into the children's section... unless you look at the tags! Not only is this bad for children growing up, who are being like mini adults from babyhood, but it's no fun for women like me who want to express their little girl! 

So what's a girl to do?

Well I have looked at alot of ageplayer sites but given up on those because they are all about Adult Babies, and I am not one of them. I also checked out Etsy because there is alot of fetish stuff on there (mostly whips, collars, corsets, latex etc) but no luck their either. So that got me thinking...are there any cultures out there that still celebrate the little girl charm?...Japan I hear you say? 

Everytime I see japanese women (particularly at uni) Ive always noticed they have a 'little girl charm' about them. I'm not realy into cosplay or anime or anything japanese except maby sushi. But this didnt stop me from checking out ebay for japanese clothes, and much to my delight I finally found afew suitable outifts I could wear for Daddy!

What do other Daddy's little girls wear?

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  1. Well I like my frilly loli dresses pink tails bows knee high socks fishnets collar and my gloomy bear Apollo and my favorite kitty shoes (they are like mary janes) I'm a little gothic Lolita